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Trials of digital audio transmission begin on August 1 in Accra and Kumasi.

Trials of digital audio transmission begin on August 1 in Accra and Kumasi.

According to the National Communication Authority (NCA), a digital audio broadcasting trial will begin on August 1 in Accra and Kumasi.
Accra and Kumasi will now have a chance to participate in a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) trial, the National Communications Authority (NCA) is happy to announce.

Accra and Kumasi residents will simultaneously hear the FM stations that are broadcasting this trial.

A new age of radio transmission is introduced with Digital Audio transmission (DAB), which uses digital signals to give improved sound quality, more station options, and interactive features.

DAB claims to deliver an immersive and revolutionary listening experience by overcoming the limitations of conventional analogue FM radio.

Ghana will roll out DAB+, the most recent version.

With the completion of this trial, Ghana will be the first nation in West Africa and the fourth in Africa to use DAB.

Trial proceedings begin in August 2023.
Benefit 1: Overcoming Frequency Constraints: Due to severe FM radio frequency restrictions in key Ghanaian cities, DAB offers a way to increase coverage and meet the rising demand for sound broadcasting services.

  1. Better Reception Quality: When compared to conventional analogue FM radio, DAB uses digital signals to reduce interference and give better audio quality.
  2. 3. Efficient Spectrum Usage: DAB allows more stations to share the same frequency channel and transmitter thereby enhancing energy and frequency efficiency.
  3. In this trial, 18 existing FM stations in Accra and Kumasi will share the same frequency channel to deliver DAB services.
  4. 4. Enhanced Interactive Services: In comparison to FM, DAB allows the transmission of metadata such as text and images for the following – service and programme information, emergency warnings, news, weather and traffic information.
  5. 5. Ease of Selecting DAB stations to listen: Consumers are able to select DAB stations by searching for the names of the stations instead of memorising their frequencies.
  6. The NCA will endeavour to keep the general public informed about this initiative.
  7. Issued by the National Communications Authority:

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