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On Saturday morning in Accra, a three-story structure collapse [VIDEO].

On Saturday morning in Accra, a three-story structure collapse [VIDEO].

The caretaker of this three-story building, which was still under construction and had reached the roofing level, awoke on Saturday morning to find that the pillars were sinking after Friday’s downpour.

The entire building collapsed 30 minutes after it became apparent that the pillars were sinking.

It took place in Accra at Ofankor.


On social media, a video of the incident was posted (see attachment below).

According to a Police Situational Report (SITREP) obtained by Graphic Online and verifying the occurrence, on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at around 11.20 GMT, the police were informed that a storey structure had collapsed at the Ofankor chicken farm in Accra.

When the police arrived at the scene to gather information, they were greeted by the home’s caretaker.

The unfinished three-story building’s pillars were observed to be slowly sinking to the ground when the caretaker woke up at around 09:30 GMT, according to the caretaker’s account to the police.

After roughly 30 minutes of sinking, the entire structure abruptly came crashing to the ground.

There was no loss of life.


View the video that is posted below.


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