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‘I’m gonna f**k your husbands’ – Princess Shyngle tells women who slept with her man

‘I’m gonna f**k your husbands’ – Princess Shyngle tells women who slept with her man

Princess Shyngle has declared war on people’s husbands in new posts she has shared on social media.

According to the Gambian actress famed for her slim waist and dating popular men, she is coming to take revenge on all women who have slept with any man she has dated, married or divorced.

“And to every chick that slept with my Ex’s knowing damn well I was in a relationship I’m just patiently waiting for y’all to get married,” she said.

Princess Shyngle

I’m gonna F.c.k you husbands, gonna make him obsessed with me, y’all will be begging me to release him & sal oh and then I’ll make sure all my gay friends run a train on him too,” she added.

The actress who is now based in America concluded that “I’m not bitter just about to have a time of my life I have no shame at this point. Y’all will be coming on social media crying and telling the world what I’m doing I’m to your marriage“.

Before this, the controversial socialite disclosed that she has given up on marriage and having children and will not tolerate any man or woman who dare tries to propose to her again.

Princess Shyngle claimed to have married twice within two years and all her alleged marriages collapsed.

In January 2021, Princess Shyngle tied the knot with her long-time crush and childhood friend, Bala-Gaye. But on Saturday, April 10, Princess Shyngle took to Instagram to share her divorce documents and accused her husband of abuse and lies.

Princess Shyngle shares another romantic proposal video to announce she’s now married

Before her January 2021 marriage with Bala-Gaye, the actress who rose to fame whilst living in Ghana was engaged to another mystery man she named as Frederic Badji.

She announced the relationship in September 2019 with a proposal video to reveal that she has been engaged. However, a month later, she came with a sad news that the relationship has collapsed with the pending marriage cancelled.

Talking about all these failed relationships, Princess Shyngle is saying that social media played a significant role. In a YouTube video that sees her discussing dos and don’t in a relationship, she said “number 4, keep your relationship away from social media“.

Keep your marriage out of social media, it’s one of the main reasons that fucked my marriage so I am telling this for a fact,” she emphasized. According to Princess Shyngle, social media users gaslight drama that will eventually cause problems in the relationship.

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