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I Am Hurt, Disappointed!’ – Gifty Anti Tackles Marriage Separation Rumours Again

I Am Hurt, Disappointed!’ – Gifty Anti Tackles Marriage Separation Rumours Again

Ghanaian media personality, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, has expressed sadness at the magnitude of attacks she has experienced following rumours about her supposed failed marriage.

Earlier, when social media was buzzing with news of Gifty Anti and her husband, Nana Ansah Kwao II’s purported separation, the popular media personality took to Facebook to react.

In the comment section of one of her defender’s posts on Facebook, Gifty Anti dispelled the claims, while insinuating that she is still experiencing a beautiful marriage.

Subsequently, in an interview on Joy Prime monitored, she has thrown more light on the subject.

Halfway through the conversation ahead of the unveiling of her book ‘When Strong Women Cry’, the host asked, “Are you separated? Did you throw your husband out of the house?”

Gifty Anti, laughing out loud, answered, “Should I call him for you? We have decided to talk at the appropriate time. It’s not the first time this had happened and obviously, I am the target. The people talking about me do not know me. They don’t know anything about me. So, what should I do? Go round telling everybody about it? I stay focused because these things can derail me. I am hurt, and disappointed”.

Gifty Anti, however, stated that in as much as she has been persecuted several times for being a feminist, she often reminds herself that these struggles come with the journey.

“It is difficult to really speak your truth these days, especially with all the attacks going on and because you are a strong woman and a feminist. This journey we are on, if you are not careful, you will be fighting and saving the world whiles you will be in a mess.

“In my book, there is a story of a woman who is saving the world but meanwhile there is pain. This woman became diagnosed with depression because she was out there saving people,” she added.

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