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Vanessa asserts, “Don’t Be Naive And Stupid, I Still Have A Strong Connection With Funny Face.”

Vanessa asserts, “Don’t Be Naive And Stupid, I Still Have A Strong Connection With Funny Face.”

Following her “infamous” interview with Kwaku Manu, Vanessa stormed social media with a lengthy response to her detractors.

Vanessa has recently been the target of vicious online assaults from internet users who oppose the concept of a possible reunion with the father of her children.

These people have stressed that Funny Face’s mental breakdown was partially sparked by Vanessa, and that, now that the comic is recovering, coming back to him could re-ignite that exact state.

Vanessa, who appears to be fed up with all the criticism and trolling on social media, however, has filmed a live Instagram video in which she expresses her opinions.

Vanessa criticized as foolish and naive, among other things, those who opposed her idea of joining forces with Funny Face, noting that they had a close bond that no one can sever.

She claimed that there is more to her connection with Funny Face than is known given that they had three healthy children together.

“I am not a hypocrite; in the end, Nana Yaw made no mention of the hurt I caused him. I am a mother, not a moron. Most of you won’t get what I’m saying. We had disagreements between Nana Yaw and I, and people didn’t comprehend the interview I gave. But allow me to share this with you. a man I had three children with. Three good children! No one with a clear head will criticize me for wanting to make things right with him. A man you are dating is not the same as a man you have children with. A pair of twins and a Tawiah (a child born after twins) are not simply any kind of children.

“There is a relationship, if for no other reason. Be wise and avoid being naive. We are still connected. Although I may have done him wrong, he still loves his children, and there is a link between the two of us. Your thinking is too simple-minded and innocent. Don’t be ignorant; pay attention to other people, she said.

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