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Supt. George Asare summons three witnesses to testify against the IGP in the leaked tape scandal

Supt. George Asare summons three witnesses to testify against the IGP in the leaked tape scandal

Three witnesses have been invited to testify against Inspector of Police (IGP) George Akuffo Dampare by one of the police officials heard allegedly scheming in the leaked recording to remove the IGP.

Ishaw Yakubu, a.k.a. Boyo, Samuel Ofori, and ASP Bawah Abdul Jalil were urged to appear by the solicitors in a letter addressed to the head of the committee looking into the recording.

The letter stated, “We wish to contact the following persons to assist the committee on several subjects. In our search to offer proof to verify some of the statements made on the audio tape.

Ishaw Yakubu, also known as Boyo, and Samuel Ofori would be giving testimony on the following topics, according to the letter.

the payment of kickbacks by Dr. Akuffo Dampare and the awarding of a contract to Bugri Naabu.

the function that Bugri Naabu performed before to Dr. Akuffo Dampare’s appointment as IGP.

Unauthorised monthly payments were paid to Bugri Naabu, Samuel Ofori, and Boyoo by the Pay Master, COP Nketiah Frimpong, on behalf of Dr. Akuffo Dampare.

On the other side, ASP Abdul Jalil would also be testifying regarding:

the transformation of the Police Intelligence Directorate into Dr. Akuffo Dampare’s personal unit
The PID is carrying out extrajudicial executions on Dr. Akuffo Dampare’s orders.
If the committee invites the aforementioned individuals, they must attend the closed-door hearing on October 2 in order to participate.

Leaked tape scandal: Supt. George Asare invites 3 witnesses to testify against IGP

Supt. George Asare made some scathing claims about the IGP while testifying before the parliamentary committee looking into the purported tape to remove the IGP.

During questioning, he and COP Alex Mensah asked for a hearing to be held behind closed doors so they could elaborate on the allegations.

Among them are the IGP’s decision to disband the Police Service PR section, the IGP’s communication with the late John Mahama, and the IGP’s poor management of the organisation.

They pledged to offer supporting documentation for the claims made against the IGP.

In the meantime, the IGP has refuted all of his colleagues’ accusations.


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