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VIDEO:My wife paid for our wedding expenses and I cherish her for that – A listener

VIDEO:My wife paid for our wedding expenses and I cherish her for that – A listener

When it comes to marriage, the conventional rule in our part of the world is for the man to pay for all expenses, from the traditional engagement to the white wedding ceremony.

But for Collins, an ardent listener of Joy FM, he cannot sing the praises of his wife enough for ignoring this unwritten convention.

Sharing his story on the Super Morning Show, Friday, he said, barely six months to his nuptials back in 1999, something catastrophic happened in his life.

“My shop got burnt. Everything collapsed and I had rent to pay and my mother was admitted to the hospital,” he recounted.

He was contributing to the topic “Will you loan your spouse-to-be, money for your wedding?”

In his view, these unforeseen events meant he had to postpone his marriage plans, but his fiancée disagreed.

“She [My wife] told me, I should not worry she will pay for everything, because she had some money in her bank account, (I didn’t even know about).

“And true to her words, she paid for everything,” he told hosts of the show.

After this gesture, Collins says he has come to see his wife in a different light.

He indicated that he does not take his wife’s opinions on any topic in their 22-year old marriage, for granted.

This is because for him, “she is my soul mate and I trust her.”

Considering his own story, Collins said a wife is supposed to be a helper in every relationship.

Therefore, “any woman who cannot support her husband or partner doesn’t deserve to be a wife.”

However, another caller speaking on the topic, was of the view that the man must take responsibility for the cost.

Agyeman believed that, it is the only way a man can prove that he is the head of the family.

“Me, I would not let the woman [pay for our wedding]. I will even feel embarrassed that everything is being paid for by the woman and not me. Am I, not a man enough?”

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