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Shatta Wale praises Sarkodie for calling out ‘local’ Ghanaian radio presenters

Shatta Wale praises Sarkodie for calling out ‘local’ Ghanaian radio presenters

Shatta Wale is excited as Sarkodie has chosen ‘vawulence’ to address Ghanaian radio presenters.

According to Sarkodie, he doesn’t understand why radio presenters who have been on the local scene for decades would criticize musicians for not penetrating territories.

It is easy for somebody to sit on radio and tell you Shatta Wale no do this. You, you dey radio top for Ghana for close to 20 years wey you no fit come enter Choice for here or BBC. I don’t think you have the moral right to talk about artiste wey e dey Ghana wey e no move. Because me I go BBC because it is Komla Dumor wey e make I go,” Sarkodie said.

The comment has since sparked controversy and backlash as some radio presenters say Sarkodie’s utterance is disrespectful. Meanwhilte, Shatta Wale is rather giving Sarkodie his backing.

Clap for Sarkodie … it’s a wake up call …Fire deh burn deh come. I will be back like terminator,” Shatta Wale tweeted.

During an Instagram live session later, he said “nobody should fight Sarkodie for what he has said. No one should fight him for whatever he is saying. Sarkodie is being real, he’s being real to himself and the universe that we have certain things we need to repair in our industry.

Seizing the moment to call for unity among artistes and their fans, Shatta Wale added that “SM, BHIM, SARK, BLACKO, MDK fans let’s all use this opportunity and capitalize on what sark and let’s stop all “this one is better than this”…we are wasting our time…period… I am for the truth, no lies”.

Meanwhile, some radio presenters and showbiz pundits have disagreed with Sarkodie’s comment, stating that the rapper has goofed in his remarks because a comparative analysis of media and music is inappropriate.

Filmmaker Socrates Safo said “getting to BBC or CNN as a Ghanaian radio presenter is not graduation but a movement from one sector to the other. It’s not a law; neither is it part of the system to reference in your submission that the person hasn’t improved.”

The regular showbiz pundit on Peace FM added that Sarkodie must learn what to say during interviews because he lacks interview skills.

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