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PURE AKAN – There is no Hell

PURE AKAN – There is no Hell

Ghanaian rapper and song writer Pure Akan has made an astounding statement that there is no hell anywhere.

The rapper, who was speaking to Tony Best on Akoma FM’s Kwantenpon Drive on Thursday said that he believes the God who created mankind made him to live and die and go to Heaven and that the world is never coming to an end.

There is no place called Hell and even Heaven is our hearts, he opined.

“I believe in Heaven, but I also think that it’s in our hearts,” he said, “if you live your life well and pleasing to God, you live long, you will be happy and good living will be portion.”

When asked whether he believes in Jesus or not, the rapper and singer said that he does not believe in Jesus but believes that there was a man called Yeshua who once lived a clean life.

Pure Akan is currently promoting his 2021 album, Nyame Mma.

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