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On the eve of the protest, police seek an injunction against the #OccupyJulorBiHouse demonstration.

On the eve of the protest, police seek an injunction against the #OccupyJulorBiHouse demonstration.

The Ghana Police Service claims that from Thursday, September 21, to Saturday, September 23, 2023, organisers of a planned demonstration near Jubilee House will have been successfully served with a petition at the High Court.

The Ghana Police Service was previously notified of the planned protest by the Accra-based civil society organisation Democracy Hub, which would call on “the President and members of the Economic Management Team to #FixTheCountry in light of the level of economic mismanagement and theft that has engulfed our government from the highest levels.”

The projected military action in Niger as well as any other government policy choices or efforts will also be addressed during the picketing, it was noted.

The choice of Nkrumah Memorial Day, in their opinion, is crucial to conveying the message since it honours “the spirit of resilience and resistance that led the struggle against oppression and dispossession.”

On the eve of the event, the Police Service, in a move that has come to be emblematic of them in recent years, filed an application for an injunction against the demonstration.

As the parties wait for the court to rule on the matter, the Police have further advised the public to “take note and disregard any calls from any individuals or groups encouraging them to assemble for a demonstration at the Jubilee House.”

In the sake of maintaining public safety and order, it continued, “We also wish to urge the organisers to respect the due process.”


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