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Man murdered at Suame-Anomangye in Kumasi

Man murdered at Suame-Anomangye in Kumasi

A young man in his early twenties has met his untimely death after being attacked at Suame-Anomangye, a suburb of Kumasi.

Information reaching JoyNews indicates that the deceased was attacked by a member of a weed-smoking group who held a grudge against him. The suspect is alleged to have struck the neck of the deceased.

The atrocious crime occurred at the Suame Post Office on Wednesday evening.

The identities of both the deceased and the suspect are currently unknown.

A witness who narrated the unfortunate incident to JoyNews’ Erastus Asare Donkor said; “The guy was just passing by. The guy who murdered the deceased called him asking why he failed to greet.”

“The deceased said he would not greet him. After the deceased said that, the suspect pushed him and took a knife from his pocket and sliced his throat.”

According to the witness, there was a confrontation between the suspect and the deceased recently before the incident.

Although Police made attempts to arrest the suspect, he managed to flee and is currently at large.

Meanwhile, sources at the Suame Police say the deceased’s remains has been conveyed to the morgue whilst another team is tracking the suspect.

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