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I still stand by my ‘Nana Toaso’ line – Sarkodie on controversial ‘Happy Day’ lyrics

I still stand by my ‘Nana Toaso’ line – Sarkodie on controversial ‘Happy Day’ lyrics

Musician Sarkodie is not going back on his word regarding his stance on certain national issues.

The award-winning artiste has been at the receiving end of criticisms that his creative expression of sentiment against political ills has reduced.

Some songs such as ‘Inflation’, ‘Masses’ and others addressed political leaders and their role in economic mismanagement.

But his latest commentary which came on his ‘Happy Day’ song, raised eyebrows

On that 2021 collaboration, Michael Owusu Addo as he is known outside music circles, trumpeted the benefits of the NPP government’s flagship Free Senior High School programme.

Since this line, the economy has taken a downward turn, the cost of living has skyrocketed and the Finance Ministry is currently negotiating with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout.

Some music lovers were hoping to get another epistle as characteristic of ‘The Highest’ which has never seen the light of day.

According to the 37-year-old, his conviction during ‘Happy Day’, for example, came from a need that the specific government policy had satisfied among his close relations.

Explaining his ‘Nana Toaso’ line on 3 Music TV’s Breakfast Show, Culture Daily, he said “I think I benefitted from Free SHS directly and I have the right to say I endorse that. This is directly.”

“My mum has these girls that she supports. At first, she calls me [about their school fees]. I’m not saying it’s much but just the fact that you’re not getting that call anymore… It came from that place and I was specific about what I was endorsing.”

He says he knew the verse would be controversial but still stands by his word and won’t apologise for it.

The musician also said that compelling him to do so may conflict with his creative process.

“You might think you’re doing a good thing trying to get me to do it, but you are actually interfering in [my] creative feel,” he said on Thursday.

He however conceded that the country was experiencing a very difficult time adding that the conditions highlighted in his previous politically-inclined songs, remain unchanged.

“The country is worse… people are really suffering,” the VGMA Artiste of the Decade concluded.

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