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Fuel consumers express frustration over price hikes

Fuel consumers express frustration over price hikes

Fuel consumers have appealed to the government to take urgent steps in addressing the increasing price of the product.

Last night, some Oil Marketing Companies upwardly adjusted the cost of fuel to GHC 6.90 per litre.

These OMCs explain that the hike is a result of the rising crude prices on the international market.

Thursday evening’s rise in fuel prices is the second in three weeks.

These developments have left consumers frustrated.

“At first, I was buying GHC 60.00 which could last me for a whole day. But now, I’m buying GHC 150.00 worth of fuel per day. I am going to stop this taxi work and seek employment elsewhere,” one consumer told JoyNews.

Another transport operator told JoyNews that the rapid rise in fuel prices is crippling his business.

“The rising cost of fuel has affected me heavily. I run a fleet of vehicles and with the prices going up, we cannot emphasize enough, the need for the government to come in. Currently, all the vehicles are parked.”

Since September last year, the cost of fuel has experienced an over 40% increment.

This has raised general concerns among a large section of the public as any adjustment in the cost of fuel has a rippling effect on the cost of other goods and services.

There have been calls already on the government to rationalize levies on petroleum products.

Speaking on Joy FM, Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Senyo Hosi, said that the rationalization of petroleum levies will stabilize the cost of fuel in the country.

“The Energy Sector Recovery Levy, Energy Debt Recovery Levy, Primary Distribution Levy, the Primary Distribution Margin, the Sanitation levy, all need to be rationalized. For instance, the Price Stabilization and Recovery Levy, for instance, has not been used for any stabilization programme ever,” he said.

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