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Family of Atta Mills furious at government for allowing Atta Mills Institute to manage grave

Family of Atta Mills furious at government for allowing Atta Mills Institute to manage grave

Brother of former President, John Evans Atta Mills is furious that the government has allowed the Atta Mills Institute to tamper with the grave of the former President.

The non-governmental organisation run by Koku Anyidoho, an aide to the late Prof. Atta Mills, says they are rehabilitating the ‘Asomdwe Park’ where the mortal remains of the ‘Asomdwehene’ were buried.

According to brother of the former President, Samuel Atta Mills, the current arrangement goes against customs.

“It is not proper to allow the NGO to make changes to the grave without recourse to the family,” he said.

“Apparently a group calling itself Atta Mills Institute that the family does not recognize and Coastal Development Authority have gone to break this grave of President Evans Atta Mills…why would you go and touch somebody’s grave without informing the family?… Who has the body now? That is the question I want to ask Ghanaians,” he lamented.

The furious brother of the former President has called on government to immediately stop the conduct of Koku Anyidoho because he is desecrating the resting place of the former President.

“This is an insult to the family, this is an insult to we the Akans, this is an insult to the nation. The government allows an NGO and Coastal Development Authority to run Asomdwe Park. Why don’t we send another NGO to go and run Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum…the government has to provide the body of President John Evans Atta Mills, we want to find out where the body is…who in this government is authorising this nonsense?” he questioned.

A former Youth and Sports Minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuye who together with some MPs visited the graveside on Tuesday is unpleased about the situation.

“I have been sad. I have cried since morning because renovating the grave does not call for this desecration and you cannot do anything like that without informing and notifying the family because our customs and traditions as Ghanaians demand that if you are doing such a thing, a family member must be present…no member of the family was informed about such desecration and disrespect,” he said.

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