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Ex-military man shoots 2 children over rent issues with their father

Ex-military man shoots 2 children over rent issues with their father

Two children, aged six and eight years old, have been hospitalised after being shot by their father’s landlord.

The 80-year-old ex-military is reported to have opened fire following disagreements with the children’s father over rent.

Before the shooting, the victim, Collins Kusi, claimed the suspect smashed his left ear with a hammer.

Narrating the incident to Luv FM’s Nana Yaw Gyimah, the distraught father said he successfully dodged the bullets although he was the target.

However, his two children were hit in the process.

“I heard a knock on my door; I came out to find the old man tying a red cloth around my windows. I asked him why and in a loud voice, he asked me whether he hadn’t issued death threats at me before.

“He had a hammer in his hand which I didn’t see; he then hit me with it. I quickly struggled with him for it. After taking the hammer from him, he went into his room and brought a single barrel gun.

“He shot in my direction twice, but it missed me, again, I struggled with him for the gun. Later, I heard people drawing my attention to the children who were down bleeding at that point,” he recounted.

According to Mr Kusi, the suspect started issuing the threats in 2019 after the demise of his original landlord.

He claimed the retired soldier demanded allowance from him despite being directed to pay the money to another relative.

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