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Don’t compare yourself to Chairman Wontumi, your only achievement is being MP — Maurice Ampaw blasts Ken Agyapong

Don’t compare yourself to Chairman Wontumi, your only achievement is being MP — Maurice Ampaw blasts Ken Agyapong

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, a friend and lawyer of Chairman Wontumi, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has taken a swipe at Kennedy Agyapong for criticizing Wontumi’s endorsement of the defeated General Secretary John Boadu.

The Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, on Saturday, July 16, after the declaration of the results descended on Chairman Wontumi for whipping all the 15 regional chairmen, including himself, to support the defeated John Boadu.

In reaction, Lawyer Ampaw on his show on the Accra-based Wontumi TV warned him to be mindful of his comments since he is not a saint.

“You are telling delegates that if they don’t vote for you no member of the party can win presidential power. This is the greatest insult to the party. But you see it as a crime that Wontumi and the other regional chairmen supported John Boadu, mere support. You claim they are arrogant and disrespectful but you have the guts to tell delegates that if it’s not Kennedy Agyapong they should forget about retaining power.

“We should not allow a person in the party to feel what they say is final. Kennedy Agyapong is always issuing threats to either make someone lose or win an election. He threatened Jake (Obetsebi Lamptey) until he died. He brought it on Jonh Boadu, whoever Kennedy Agyapong disagrees with he will seek their removal,” he raged.

According to him, Chairman Wontumi despite his younger age, has been far more impressive in his career than Kennedy Agyapong.

“What is your contribution, Kennedy Agyapong contributes and makes a public show of it but people do more and don’t talk about it. You give people GHC2 and GHC5 and come out to make noise about it. Do you know much Kufuor, Nana Addo, Ofori Atta and the rest have contributed to the NPP? Do you know how much Wontumi has contributed? Is it not just an MP that you have attained? Your only achievement is being an MP. All your life achievement is being an MP from Assin Fosu, even on the floor of parliament, you don’t talk. You’ve never been a minister, CEO, or public officer apart from being an MP,” he stated.

He continues “You are not Chairman Wontumi’s mate when it comes to politics because, at a younger age, he has been a constituency chairman for two terms and has risen to become a regional chairman for three terms. He has single-handedly footed the bill of the party. Wontumi supports MPs with his own money. When he was contesting regional chairman, you wanted to give him money but he rejected it because you talk too much.”

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