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Closing shops of foreigners in Ghana backward idea – Traders

Closing shops of foreigners in Ghana backward idea – Traders

General Secretary of Traders Advocacy Group Ghana (TAAG), Nana Poku, has rejected the closure of shops belonging to some foreigners especially Nigerians in Ghana.

He said the closure does not paint a good picture of Ghana to the outside world.

His comments come after members of the Eastern Region branch of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) on Monday, September 20 locked several shops belonging to foreigners, especially Nigerians, Koforidua.

The action is to register their displeasure about the continuous involvement of foreigners in retail trade in the Region.

The GUTA members undertook a peaceful protest, first of all, wielding placards before closing the shops belonging to the Nigerians.

They posted notices against the shops and draped them with red bands.

The Public Relations Officer of GUTA, Darlen Nana Boateng, says members will use all legal means to prevent foreigners from engaging in retail trading in the Region.

“Those who don’t have papers, we will keep their shops closed,” he said.

“We won’t allow them to take over our business. The Ministry of Trade [and Industry] is aware of our action.”

But speaking to TV3, Nana Poku said “Closing shops in Ghana is primitive and outmoded way of doing things. It creates an image out there that when you go to Ghana you are chased out of your shops.

AfCFTA headquarters is in Ghana and how come you put a behaviour of stopping people to trade in Ghana. It cannot work.”

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