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Britney Boateng: US-based Ghanaian singer shot dead by sister-in-law

Britney Boateng: US-based Ghanaian singer shot dead by sister-in-law

Britney Boateng, a Ghanaian singer based in the United States of America, has been reportedly shot dead by her sister-in-law.

According to the Columbus Division of Police, the 22-year-old Ghanaian singer was fatally shot during an argument with Tyona Dodson who has now been arrested. However, it in unclear what sparked the argument between Britney and Tyona.

A report by states that “officers were called to the 400 block of South Weyant Avenue, just north of East Main Street, around 1 a.m. Police found Britney Boateng with a gunshot wound, who was pronounced dead at 1:12 a.m“.

Britney Boateng

The Columbus Ohio Police have accordingly issued a statement about Britney’s death. The statement shared on twitter reads: “detectives have arrested a 41-year-old woman for the deadly shooting that occurred overnight on S. Weyant Ave”.

The police said “Tyona Dodson is charged with murder in the death of Britney Boateng. Investigators have determined an argument between both women led to the fatal shooting,”

Britney is believed to be a mother of one. Her friends and family have since been mourning her death on social media.

One of her friends on Facebook, Nancy Leigh, wrote “Oh, Britney Nyantah Boateng. I can’t even find the words. This heart of mine is busted wide open and I am left in pieces. You were a radiant light in this world, and you were taken from us far, far too soon. It should not be this way. It should never be this way“.

I have loved watching your exact smile bloom across your baby’s face. She’s gorgeous, just like you. We were so proud of how you embraced motherhood, and it was a blessing to witness how you two adored one another. We have all been robbed of our time with you, but I ache the most for that precious child of yours.

You had the voice of an angel here on this earth, and I know it will serve you well in that heavenly choir. Sing loud enough so we can hear you and feel you right here with us. Rest well, sweet girl. I love you,” Nancy concluded.

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