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Akoto Ampaw doesn’t even know the full meaning of ‘LGBTQIIIAAP’ – Foh-Amoaning teases

Akoto Ampaw doesn’t even know the full meaning of ‘LGBTQIIIAAP’ – Foh-Amoaning teases

Private Legal practitioner, Mr Moses Foh-Amoaning, who is against homosexuality, has teased his friend and colleague Akoto Ampaw over the latter’s difficulty with the full meaning of the abbreviation ‘LGBTQIIAAP.’

“[Akoto Ampaw] is a good friend of mine. Akoto Ampaw and I have been practicing law all these 31 years so we have been good friends.

“I have been teasing him because of a lot this ‘LGBTQIIIIAAP’, he doesn’t know the full meaning of all those abbreviation. I asked him what the P means. Now he knows it because I have mentioned it to him but there is another P, so you can call him and find out whether he knows the meaning of the second P. There is even another T before the plus so it keeps on changing,” he said on Good Evening Ghana on Tuesday October 12.

Mr Akoto Ampaw is ‘fighting’ the anti-gay bill that is currently before Parliament. He is totally against the bill and wants it abandoned.

According to him, the way and manner the anti-gay bill has been designed indicates the extremism of the mind frame that produced it.

“The fact that the bill goes to that extent of criminalizing somebody who is an intersex or criminalizing somebody who is asexual, this is a meaningless project, shows the extremism of the mind frame that produced that bill,” he said on TV3’s Key Points with Dzifa Bampoh on Saturday October 9.

He further said the current debate on homosexuals in Ghana is not about religious beliefs or numbers.

“First of all, I want to make the point clear that this debate is not about religious beliefs.

“Secondly, this debate is not about numbers. It is not lining up how many people support gays -30million, how many people are against gay – 2million, that is not the issue.

“The fundamental issue has to do with our constitution and rights .That is the basic issue that we have to address.”

He added “It is a bit gratifying that just recently the Majority leader in Parliament said that the matter will not be discussed on the basis of religious beliefs. I think that is a major step forward if that is how parliament is going to address this matter. It is a constitutional matter.”

His comments come after religious bodies including the Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference have said that they want homosexuality to be illegal in Ghana.


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