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Afia Schwar allegedly banned from TikTok

Afia Schwar allegedly banned from TikTok

Weekend reports alleged that controversial Afia Schwarzenegger has been banned from TikTok following the deletion of her account with over 500,000 followers.

It is not clear why the account has been deleted.

However, there have been huge speculations on Saturday that the controversial showbiz personality might have violated a policy governing the video-sharing platform.

Although she has not personally confirmed the ban, the account can’t be found on TikTok.

In separate posts on Instagram on Friday and Saturday, Afia hinted that her old account was hacked while she advertised her new account with two spiritual-reading-themed videos.

She didn’t however say anything about the viral reports that she was banned.

TikTok is a social media platform that is meant for entertainment and creativity. The app has community guidelines in place to make sure that all users are following the same rules.

If someone repeatedly breaks the community guidelines, then their account could be banned from the app. This is done to make sure that the app remains a safe and fun space for all users.

The fastest way to get your TikTok account banned is by sharing inappropriate content. TikTok has a strict policy on what it will not tolerate on the platform.

This includes content that promotes bullying, drugs, alcohol, nudity, or any form of sexual content.

Repeated violations of any of these rules can result in account holders getting banned from the platform.

While frequent rule breaks can get you banned on TikTok, it seems some violations are more severe than others and thus can get you banned faster.

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